11 Strange and easy Hustles to Start now

Side hustles

1# Picking up trash

It is in fact possible to earn money by picking up trash. All it takes is 1–5 buildings/companies who are willing to pay you between $100–$500 once a month for picking up trash.

Think about it, you take a burden off their shoulders, and they don’t have to pay expensive firms to come and do it for them. They see you as cheap labor, but personally, I would be satisfied with $100-$500 for 1–3 hours of picking up trash once a month.

If you have 4 companies you may earn $300 * 4 = $1200 for only about 8 hours of work a month.

Start-up difficulty: 7       Income potential: 8

2# Host game/quiz nights

This one might be weird, but you can earn a decent amount of money from this. Find a cozy restaurant, and ask if they would pay you for instance $350 for hosting a game/quiz at their restaurant (it attracts customers).

You will have a great night while earning some good cash. Definitely worth a try.

Start-up difficulty: 6      Income potential: 6

3# Simple manual labor

If you are good with your hands it would be easy to find some work. Many people need help with:

  • Furniture assembling
  • Yard work
  • Moving and packing stuff
  • Home repairs
  • Cleaning services

Look on craigslist or ask around in your neighborhood.

Start-up difficulty: 3     Income potential: 7

4# Groceries subscription

Ask around in your neighborhood (especially the elderly) if they would like you to shop their groceries for them once a week or maybe multiple times depending on how much time you have at your disposal.

Photo by Liuba Bilyk on Unsplash

Make them send you their shopping list every week, and make it into a minor subscription company. It could be $40/month, and if you have 5 clients it would be $200 a month for just shopping. Of course, they would have to pay for their groceries as well.

Start-up difficulty: 5    Income potential: 5

5# Carpet and Mattress cleaning

Buy a carpet cleaner, and then offer your services on Craigslist or Facebook. Carpets and mattresses have to be cleaned once in a while. You could charge $50 for a cleaning, which means having 10 clients a month would get you $500.

Start-up difficulty: 4   Income potential: 6

6# Sharpening Knives

Some people like to keep their knives sharp, and this is where you have your chances of earning a little extra. Buy a sharpening kit to begin. Maybe start sharpening friends’ and family’s knives and get some referrals. It could potentially earn you $200-$700 a month.

Start-up difficulty: 7   Income potential: 6

7# Create Low Content books

If you hate working a lot and just want some almost passive income. This one is for you.

Screenshot of Interior Wizard — Provided by author

Use Interior Wizard to download shopping lists, fitness journals, notebooks, etc. Many of them are free, and you can sell them on amazon. The only thing you need is to design a great cover page in order to make people buy your low-content book.

The earnings from this can be infinite, and you only have to do a little work to start it up. This is also the one I am working on right now.

Start-up difficulty: 2  Income potential: 10

8# Pet sitting/Dog walking

People are busy nowadays, and walking the dog can be a tedious and time-consuming task, which is why people are willing to pay for it. Sometimes people are also going on a vacation a need someone to take care of their pets. That “someone” could be you. Figure out how much you want to charge, and offer your services on Craigslist and Facebook.

Start-up difficulty: 5 Income potential: 7

#9 Personal tailor services

If you are good with textiles this is a side hustle you should try.

Photo by Ilya lix on Unsplash

Maybe go to your local gym, and see if you can find some personal trainers. Ask them if they would like to team up with you — (they make the clients lose weight, and you tailor their clothes after their weight loss)

I think many personal trainers would love to offer personal tailor services to their clients, so this is definitely an option. The personal trainers could increase their prices, and your cut could be around 5–20% or even more.

Many personal trainers charge crazy high prices, so 5% could be a lot.

Start-up difficulty: 5 Income potential: 9

10# Airbnb tents in different locations

Set up tents or build a shelter in different locations. Then put those tents and shelters up on Airbnb. You don’t have to charge a lot. Maybe $5–$10 a night.

You would be surprised how many would love to pay for sleeping in a tent outside. This could be a minor passive income stream — at least it is a great alternative to buying properties and renting them out.

Start-up difficulty: 4 Income potential: 5

11# Vertical farming at home

In Denmark vertical farming has become a big thing. We have one of the largest companies in the industry (Nordic Harvest). But you can start your own as well.

Screenshot provided by author — showing an example of Click & Grow’s equipment

The startup costs for this are quite expensive, but the long-term payoff can be huge. You’ll have to buy vertical farming equipment such as the one in the picture above. Slowly as you buy more equipment you will have a minor “vertical farm” at home.

All the greenery that you plant you can sell to supermarkets, friends, and acquaintances. In Denmark, the supermarkets are paying extreme prices, so matters into your own hands and be one of the first movers.

Start-up difficulty: 9 Income potential: 10

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