20 Ways To Make $2000/Month — How I Do It


How cool would it be to have $2000 rolling into your bank account each month? That amount of money could free up a lot of time. I already tried the method out so you do not have to waste your time.

Here is my guide:

How To Develop A App – No Coding Required

Create apps in 30–60 minutes — No coding is required

I create apps in QuickNinjaApp, which is a website that facilitates everything from a-z. You need no coding experience, and you can create the app in 30–60 minutes. Then you implement ads through Google AdMob, and finally, you publish the app with Google Play Console.

At the moment I have only created 2 apps, but I will work towards having 20–25 apps up and running. But my earnings speak for themselves. It is easier than you think.

Image of Author’s Earnings

So the title said “20 ways…”, and you will indeed get 20 ways, but not 20 different ways to earn $2000/month. What do I mean by that? Look you can earn $2000/month by doing the following:

1 app generating $66.66/day = $2000/month

2 apps generating $33.33/day = $2000/month

3 apps generating $22.22/day = $2000/month

4 apps generating $16.66/day = $2000/month

5 apps generating $13.33/day = $2000/month

6 apps generating $11.11/day = $2000/month

7 apps generating $9.52/day = $2000/month

8 apps generating $8.33/day = $2000/month

9 apps generating $7.40/day = $2000/month

10 apps generating $6.66/day = $2000/month

11 apps generating $6.06/day = $2000/month

12 apps generating $5.55/day = $2000/month

13 apps generating $5.13/day = $2000/month

14 apps generating $4.76/day = $2000/month

15 apps generating $4.44/day = $2000/month

16 apps generating $4.17/day = $2000/month

17 apps generating $3.92/day = $2000/month

18 apps generating $3.70/day = $2000/month

19 apps generating $3.51/day = $2000/month

20 apps generating $3.33/day = $2000/month

You see, the more apps you create the less they have to earn before you hit the $2000/month mark. And if you are only looking to make $1000/month then each app has to make even less.

If you need a guide with everything from a-z, you can take a look at my eBook on how to make the apps, monetize them, and how to publish them: My guide

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