3 Profitable Side-Hustle Ideas You Never Hear About

3 side hustles to try

Number #3 is quite fun

Tired of the usual side-hustles? Yeah, me too. I’ll try to give you some unique, fun, and profitable side hustles that you could consider working on.

Here we go.

1# Tutoring, but in another way

When seeing articles containing “tutoring” as a side hustle I often think:

“boring, I could think of that myself”

But here is something I rarely think about → Tutoring for skills in non-academic subjects.

  • Housework (I would be a customer, I can’t do anything with my hands, not even hang up a picture — or that’s not true, if you give the clay that can attach the picture to a hard wall, I might be able to do it)
  • Video Games — Yup people will pay to learn to play video games
  • Car work — Again teach me the basics of how to fix minor problems on my car, and I’ll pay you. And if I would, I bet many would
  • Play an instrument — If you know how to play an instrument, why not try to teach others
  • Sports — I’m going to pay for learning tennis next month, so there’s definitely a market for teaching sports

2# Catering

Are you great at cooking, and do always make a little too much food for yourself? Maybe catering could be something for you

Photo by City Church Christchurch on Unsplash

Cook food on large scale (you might need a bigger kitchen for this), and deliver the food to small/medium/large institutions.

I’ve eaten food from catering firms before, and if you can cook just above average my bet is that you can compete with most of those firms — boy, they are bad at cooking.

I included catering since I rarely, if ever, see this as a side hustle idea. On the other side, it might also have some large upfront costs, if you need to invest in a bigger kitchen.

But you can start slow — for instance, try delivering to the local kindergarten, and then you can slowly build up your catering side hustle.

3# Ice(cream) Vending Machines

Vending machines have been known for a long time, but how about these two ideas for vending machines:

  • Ice — It’s hot, and your drink is already lukewarm. What you need is some ice to cool it down. Luckily there’s a vending machine where you can get ice for your drinks for only 50 cents. Nice!
  • Ice cream — We all want some ice cream when it’s summer, and the taste of vanilla in combination with the cooling sensation is delicious. Why not try ice cream in a vending machine.

You could actually combine both ice and ice cream in one vending machine. In my opinion, this could be a profitable side hustle.

Sum up

  • Idea 1: Tutoring for skills in non-academic subjects
  • Idea 2: Do catering, especially if you like to cook and you know what you are doing in a kitchen
  • Idea 3: Be unique and try ice and ice cream in a vending machine.

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