31 Gift Ideas For Frugal People To Save Money And Time

30 gift ideas for frugal people

Frugal living has become a buzzword in recent times, and more people are living an inexpensive lifestyle.

If you want to show your spouse, friend, or colleague that your respect their frugal lifestyle, then try giving them practical, but inexpensive gifts.

The best gifts are often the most meaningful gifts, so don’t worry about spending a lot of money.

Since Christmas is arriving very soon I want to give you a list of my favorite gifts for frugal people.

Money-saving gift ideas for frugal people

If you want to make frugal folks happy, then try giving them a gift that helps them save money. These 7 frugal gift ideas will help them save much money in the long run.

1 Money Organizer

money organizer
Source: Amazon.com

The Tidy Pockets Money Organizer is an excellent gift for frugal individuals who want to keep their finances in order. This handy organizer features designated compartments for cash to make managing money a breeze.

Perfect for those who value organization and financial planning, this compact money organizer is a thoughtful and practical gift that your frugal friend or family member will appreciate as it will also help them save more money in the long run.

2 Gift Cards

A great idea is always to give gift cards to your frugal friends or family members. If there’s one thing frugal people don’t want it’s to spend their money.

Consider gift cards to an electronic store, grocery store, online store, and similar.

It’s a great way to make sure that the receiver uses the gift instead of handing over money that will most likely be saved up

3 Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker
Source: Amazon.com

Making food every day can be a tedious task, but if you want to be frugal you cannot go out to eat.

Therefore, a perfect gift for your loved cheap friend would be a pressure cooker. With it, you can save time and money since it can cook things up to 3-5 times faster.

In that way, it limits the cooking time, but also the time needed for using electricity.

4 Sewing Maschine

White sewing machine
Source: Amazon.com

Nothing says frugal as holding on to clothing for ages also when it’s filled with holes.

To help your frugal loved ones a little bit, consider giving them a sewing machine that will help them hold on to their clothes for a little longer.

If they don’t know how to use it, then it makes a great opportunity for learning new skills.

5 Meal Prep Containers

Black meal prep containers
Source: Amazon.com

As a person who loves to save money, I often make large portions of food, but sometimes I just don’t have enough containers to store it.

And if there’s one thing I hate it’s throwing out food. Thus, thoughtful gifts to frugal people like me would be meal prep containers.

With those, we can prep for the week, and as a bonus, we save money and time.

6 Good Chef’s Knife

Sharp chef's knife
Source: Amazon.com

Having quality items in one’s household is one of the best ways to save tons of money. And a great kitchen knife for chopping all those vegetables is no exception.

With a great knife, one doesn’t have to worry about sharpening it every second day, and it will last much longer than a $10 knife from your local supermarket.

7 Automated Budget Template

This gift might be one of the most boring ones on the list, but if you know your relative very well, this could be a really good gift.

With a budget template everything is set up and automated, and you don’t have to do anything except type in your transactions and budget goals.

This saves you time and money in the long run, and since it’s soon Christmas you can get my budget template for free right here.

Time-saving gift ideas for frugal people

As the old saying goes “time is money”, so some of the best Christmas gifts would be items or services that help frugal people save time. Below are 6 great ideas for you to consider.

8 iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Black Irobot Roomba vaccum cleaner and a phone next to it for (gift ideas for frugal people)
Source: Amazon.com

As we are all getting busier and busier in this highly-connected world, we have less time for cleaning. A perfect frugal gift idea would be a robot vacuum cleaner.

Such a gift fits nicely into a frugal person’s home.

This will reduce the time needed for cleaning and make room for more fun things such as reading a good book.

9 Rocket Smart Reusable Notebook

A black Rocketbook with pen and cloth next to it.
Source: Amazon.com

Now, this is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given away. To a person who takes lots of notes by hand, and wants to save money on paper, this reusable notebook is perfect.

It lets you write and draw down your notes, and then you can upload your notes to your computer by using the QR code on each page.

Then use the cloth to erase the old notes, and repeat.

You’ll never have to spend money on new notebooks and paper or look through your messy desk to find your old notes.

Everything is stored on your computer, and every page can be used over and over again.

10 Yeti Rambler Mug

A Grey Yeti Rambler mug
Source: Amazon.com

I love coffee, and I drink it every morning to kick off my day. However sometimes, I forget I poured coffee into my cup earlier, and when I get back to it, it’s cold.

Every time I have to throw it out and pour up a new cup.

In addition, I cannot control at what pace I want to drink my coffee because as soon as I haven’t touched it for 20 minutes it’s cold.

Therefore, the Yeti Rambler Mug is a unique gift that keeps your coffee warm all the way down to the very last zip.

That’s practical, and you don’t have to use the extra time on brewing new coffee because you forgot your cup, and it will eventually save you a little bit of money on coffee. A cheap gift for a coffee drinker.

11 Grocery basket

You may not think that a basket filled with necessities from the local grocery store would make anyone happy.

But you are wrong. People on a tight budget would view good quality food, bathroom articles, and similar as great gifts.

That little money you spend on groceries is extra money saved for the frugal person or family.

12 Anker 60W 6-Port USB Wall Charger

A 6-port black USB wall charger
Source: Amazon.com

The easiest way to buy gifts for large families is to buy something everyone can use.

This fun little gift will make sure that everyone in the family can charge their electronic devices at any point.

It saves time, and your frugal relative or family would be happy.

Buy on Amazon $25.99

13 Wake Up Light 

Phillips wake up naturally alarm clock
Source: Amazon.com

One thing people are getting better at with their phones’ alarm clocks, is snoozing.

But every time you snooze it takes longer time for your brain to function properly again, and waking up to an alarm clock isn’t great for your body either.

Instead, imagine waking up filled with energy, and ready to tackle the day without using too much time in your bed.

This is the reality with this alarm clock that plays natural sounds, and slowly lights up your room as was it the sun that shined through your window.

A fun way for anyone who wants to save time waking up in the morning.

Practical gift ideas for frugal people

Next on the gift list is practical gifts.

14 World’s smallest vacuum cleaner

White mini vacuum cleaner with black USB
Source: Amazon.com

The smallest world problems require the smallest problem solver.

A great gift for your frugal friend is the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner that can get into the tightest corners of your sofa where the leftovers from last week’s movie night are still having a party.

It’s a cute, practical, and one of the more inexpensive gift ideas.

15 Bindle Bundle

Black bindle bundle with credit card, car keys and air pods at the bottom and splashing blue water at the top.
Source: Amazon.com

Keeping your water cold when you are on a trip is one thing, but knowing where all your important items are located is a completely different story.

But with Bindle Bundle, you can be sure to have cold water for hours, while storing your keys, credit card, air pods, and other small items within it.

Buy on Amazon $29.99

16 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Blue life straw water filter
Source: Amazon.com

Do your friend or family member enjoy camping or hiking, then this cheap water filter is something they should add to their Christmas list.

No matter where you are you can through this easy-to-carry water filter get clean water, and therefore it makes the perfect camping or hiking gift.

17 Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer

A pot filled with pasta pouring water out through Snap N Strain Strainer
Source: Amazon.com

Pasta lovers will cry noodles if they had the Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer. Snap it on top of your pot, and pour out the excess hot water.

This is a total game changer for people who makes a lot of pasta. The best part is that it takes up less space, it’s easy to click on, and even easier to clean.

18 CouchCoaster

grey couch coaster with a cup of coffee clipped on to a sofa
Source: Amazon.com

If your frugal relative is a coffee or tea drinker I bet he/she often rests their cup close to the sofa.

But what’s a better place to put one’s cup than on the edge of the sofa – therefore, buy this couch coaster to protect your sofa from coffee and tea stains.

It also helps keep the cup in place in case someone should hit it by accident under a game of Ludo.

19 Lexon Mino + Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable bronze bluetooth speaker
Source: Amazon.com

Take your favorite songs with you with Lexon Mino; a portable Bluetooth speaker.

It’s minimalistic and has great size for the office, the car, the kitchen, or if you are staying overnight in a tent.

Homemade gift ideas for frugal people

If you want some cheap gifts, then homemade ones for frugal people are a great place to start. Also, when doing it yourself, you often come up with the most fun ideas.

20 Board games

Frugal people rarely want to turn on the tv and plug in their PlayStation to play a game. It’s too expensive for the electricity bills.

So why not make your own game? Not only is it more fun and inexpensive, but it also brings together the entire family during the holiday season.

For instance, you could make:

  • Crossword puzzle
  • Card games
  • And if you want to get really nerdy, a financial board game

21 Make a t-shirt

With the rise of print-on-demand services, it has never been easier to create your own clothes. Upload your design, buy it, and you should have it in a couple of days.

22 Homemade candles

If you want to have a great time while creating a little something for a loved one, making homemade candles is a good idea.

Not only is it easy and inexpensive to get started, but it’s also a fun and creative process that will help your frugal friend save money on the energy bill.

23 Photo book

There’s no more personal than a photo book filled with great memories. Take a little time to go through social media and your own camera roll to find enjoyable moments of you together.

You can create the photobook in different ways, but I personally prefer to use Canva as it’s easy and free to use.

Pro tip: Use some of Canva’s templates to make things even easier.

24 Homemade coasters

We already covered the couch coaster, but how about making one yourself? This is a cheap yet fun and creative gift that can be used for ages by the whole family.

Again here you can use Canva for design purposes. Or try watching this video if you want to do it all yourself.

25 Custom laptop case

If your relative is extremely frugal he or she might not even have purchased a case for their laptop.

So why not make a personal one to help them protect some of their most valuable items?

It’s these little things that count when giving gifts.

Free Gift Ideas for frugal people

Are you looking for something cheaper than cheap? Then these free gift ideas might be a great fit for your frugal friend.

26 The gift of time

selective focus photography of hour glass
Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Time is important, and we are not going to get more of it. But spending that precious time together with someone is even more important.

Agree to have a monthly or weekly day, where you promise to spend some time together. The gift of time is more valuable than you think.

27 Plan a day of free fun

person holding silver retractable pen in white ruled book
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Who doesn’t like to have a day filled with fun events? And if it’s already pre-planned, that’s even better.

Research where you can find free events and things to do, and create a little brochure explaining what you’ll be doing together.

28 Ten-journey tickets

crop faceless black people holding red small paper tickets
Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

Nothing beats holiday gifts as a ten-journey ticket.

Make it personal such as 10 times you would do grocery shopping, babysit, walk the dog, or anything else that would help your relative save time.

This might not be on their wish list, but from my personal experience, this gift is a winner.

29 Cook them their favorite meal

woman in the kitchen cooking
Photo by Joe L on Pexels.com

Can you think of something better than your favorite meal? It’s hard, right? Why not bring your own food, and cook them their favorite meal?

If you want to go that extra mile, then bring some ice cream for dessert.

30 Give them what they always borrow

Do your frugal relative constantly use your blender, a jacket of yours, or a book? If it’s not too big of a loss for you, then give them that one thing.

They would be extremely happy, and you don’t have to use any money on a gift or worry about renting it out all the time.

31 Make a memory jar

Create a jar filled with small notes, which contain fun and happy memories. It can be anything from the day you bought a soda together to the day you met each other.

This will make anyone’s heart melt. And what better is, it’s free.


Many people give each other gifts on special occasions, and finding the right one for your frugal friend for Christmas can be a difficult task.

The good news is that these 30 types of gifts should make that difficult time a bit easier.

There is everything from money-saving gifts to practical ones as well as ideas you could make for free.

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