31 Best Gift Ideas For Digital Marketers (Ultimate Guide)

31 Gift Ideas For Digital Marketers

Life throwing 404 error sites at you while searching for the perfect gift ideas for digital marketers?

This gift guide can buff out those worries with the best gift ideas for digital marketers.

Don’t spend a lot of time searching for Christmas gifts, we got you covered with the best gifts for your favorite digital marketer. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Marketing Gift Ideas for Digital Marketers

A great way to show how much you respect your relative’s job is to buy him or her something related to their everyday job.

Although it can be tough to find the perfect holiday gift, the good news are that these special gift ideas will point you in the right direction.

1 RankIQ Subscription

One of the best marketing gifts you can buy for a digital marketer is an SEO tool.

RankIQ is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps business owners, and even the best marketer to make good content that’s optimized for Google.

No need to spend days looking for keywords.

With this tool, they only have to use a little time, and your marketer friend will be flying.

You could buy a monthly or annual subscription for them for half the price of the more expensive tools.

2 Canva Pro Subscription

Image source: Canva.com

Ever looking into the digital marketing world, you would know that every digital marketer needs a design tool.

And one necessary tool specifically is Canva.

Although you can get Canva for free, the pro version gives you a lot of extra features such as background removal, which can be crucial for a great marketing campaign.

3 Three Months to No.1 Book

Yellow book cover showing Google logo with rocket beneath, and text saying "3 months to NO.1"
Image source: Amazon

Ask any digital marketer about SEO, and they will tell you that it’s one of the most crucial parts of being a digital marketer.

With this book, you can help them increase their knowledge about SEO, and improve their strategies to produce better content for their target audience.

This gift is not something I would recommend for specialists as they might know a lot of the content already, but for beginners this is great.

4 Jasper.AI for digital marketers

Image source: Jasper.ai

Do you want that annual celebration of your favorite marketer to be something very special, then this is what you want to give them.

Jasper.AI is a tool based on artificial intelligence that can generate long-form, quality, and SEO-optimized content based on a few keywords and sentences.

Instead of using a lot of time, your marketer friend or close relative can now, without using a lot of time, produce content 5x times as fast.

However it’s an expensive tool, but it will definitely have a profound impact on his or her inbound marketing and overall results.

5 Skillshare Subscription

Image with a girl taking notes next to her computer while listening to music. To the left is text saying "Skillshare Free courses"
Image source: CouponsWala

If a digital marketer doesn’t improve they’ll eventually get beaten by the fierce competition.

Therefore, a subscription to Skillshare or similar platforms, where one can improve one’s competencies would be an ideal gift for digital marketers.

Cool Gift Ideas for Digital Marketers

Who doesn’t like cool gifts? I do, and a lot of digital marketers do too. Here are some cool gifts that I would say you cannot live without as a digital marketer.

6 Amazon Gift Card

Box containing a white Amazon gift card
Image source: Amazon

You can know everything, and sometimes it’s just better to let your relative buy their gifts themselves.

Therefore, consider buying an Amazon gift card online.

To make it more personal write a personal note explaining that you hope some of the money will go toward office improvements or similar things.

7 Wireless Charging Station

Wireless charging station that can charge both iPhone, Apple watch, and Air pods.
Image source: Amazon

Digital marketers have lots of devices, and it would be a catastrophe if they run out of battery.

But with a wireless charger suited for multiple devices, you never have to worry about running low on power.

8 Coffee Mug for Digital Marketers

Image source: Amazon

Sitting all day in front of a computer can be hard, but with coffee or tea, it gets easier to overcome.

And if you are doing your holiday shopping right now, why not add this fun coffee mug for digital marketers?

9 Computer Cover

Green computer cover for Mac
Image source: Amazon

The computer is among the digital marketer’s most valuable belongings, and it should be protected from any accident that it might encounter from the outside world.

Much time is spent on the computer, so the cover should not act as a protector, but also be pleasing to the eye.

Therefore, this computer cover would make a good corporate gift for a close friend or relative in the digital marketing area.

10 Apple Watch

Apple watch in white
Image source: Amazon

Checking the time, and calories burned, tracking your sleep, and staying up to date if new emails checks into your inbox – all are things you can accomplish with an Apple watch.

So do you want to be a little extra kind to your spouse on valentine’s day or for Christmas, then consider buying him or her an Apple watch.

Productivity Gift Ideas For Digital Marketers

If one wants loyal customers, and to be on top of his or her game, then they must be productive.

Therefore, here are five gifts that could help your favorite digital marketer to have a more productive day.

11 Manage Your Day-To-Day Routine Book

Manage your day-to-day book in dark and red colors
Image source: Amazon

The worst year of mine was one I had without any great structure.

I simply couldn’t get anything done because I didn’t have a great daily routine.

Also, the simple fact that digital marketers often get new ideas, and new customers, and have a busy or maybe even messy schedule, can make it hard to stay efficient.

Thus this book with a 4.4-star review about how to manage one’s daily routine is a perfect way to get a more structured and productive work day.

12 Productivity tool subscriptions

Instead of just reading about structure, then try creating a system.

To do this I would recommend Evernote and Notion.

Great online platforms, where anybody can write down notes, create personal schedules, and calendars, and manage everything down to the smallest detail.

13 Noise-cancelling headphones

Image source: Amazon

Nothing kills productivity as loud noises from the office, but with noise-canceling headphones, you can be sure to stay focused throughout the day.

These aesthetic headphones will do the job.

And if you want to top it off you could add a Spotify gift card.

14 Content planner for digital marketers

Image source: Amazon

As mentioned before, structure is crucial for a productive day, and if your friend or spouse doesn’t like online planning tools, then this content planner is the perfect gift.

It comes with a luxurious design.

15 White noise machine

Image source: Amazon

Along the same lines as the noise-canceling headphones, you can with a white noise machine, block out noise that hinders us from being productive.

It works by producing sound at a frequency that allows us to focus, and therefore get things done.

A bonus is that it can also help us fall asleep.

Stress Relief Gift Ideas For Digital Markets

Working as a digital marketer is not as relaxing as one might think.

You must constantly follow and adjust to trends, check analytics, design, and write content.

And for most small businesses without a huge budget, it takes hard work every single day to both retain current and shanghai new potential customers.

16 Blue Light Glasses

Image source: Amazon

The best way to write blog posts day in and day out without ending the day with a headache, or having trouble sleeping at night is by blocking the blue light from electronic devices.

And as a digital marketer, blue light is something you’re exposed to a lot every single day.

Thus a pair of blue light glasses would make a great gift.

17 Warm Neck Massage Tool

Image source: Amazon

Whether you are standing up or sitting down all day when working, your neck will always need some relief at the end of the day.

What better way to help your neck on its way than giving it this warm neck massage tool?

18 Nike Men’s Training Sneakers

Image source: Amazon

When digital marketers work on important things such as creating brand awareness or making a social media campaign for various social media platforms, they are doing it mostly in front of a computer.

And no matter if they are working at a standing desk or not, they need to use some real time to exercise.

Therefore, buy some running shoes that could also be perfect for work such as Nike Men’s Training Sneakers.

19 Amazon Prime

Amazon prime

This is the type of gift any marketer would appreciate.

After a long day, a cup of coffee, and some great series are exactly what they need.

And with an Amazon prime subscription, you can give it to them.

Also, it’s a great gift that can be used with their families during the holiday season.

What is better is that you don’t have to worry about delivery and free shipping, since you can buy the gift in minutes online.

20 Essential Oils

Image source: Amazon

Essential oils smell great, reduce stress, treat fungal infections, and help you sleep.

If your relative for a long time has been experiencing any problems with stress or sleep issues, then essential oils would the gift of the year.

Or maybe he or she just needs to be spoiled a bit, then try giving them fan favorites; Handcraft Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Other Good Gifts for digital marketers

The list doesn’t stop here. Now it is time for some other good gifts you could consider if none of the above-mentioned were a hit.

21 Ergonomic Office Chair

Image source: Amazon

Something that can’t wait to be bought until it’s Black Friday is an ergonomic chair.

It’s essential for business professionals that their posture is great all the time to avoid future back and neck problems.

22 Design Business Cards

Image made in Canva

If you want to limit the cost of your gift, then consider designing a business card for your relative with their company logo. You could use Canva in your design process.

It’s a fun way to show that you are willing to go that extra mile to find the right gift for them.

23 Gift Box for digital marketers

You might even have a lot of great ideas yourself, and an easy way to combine them is by transforming them all into a gift box.

For instance, you could combine a subscription to Google play music or Apple music with some cinema tickets, and relaxing scrub for the body and mind.

24 Give them a Good laugh

Make sure your digital marketer doesn’t leave their humor at the desk and buy them some tickets for a comedy show.

Their marketing efforts should be rewarded, and what’s a more perfect opportunity than handing them some tickets to a comedy show chosen by you?

If you want to get sneaky, you could invite yourself to join, and the gift would also be beneficial for you.

25 Make a personal list of free things

Made in Canva

This is a personal favorite of mine since it’s free but extremely valuable to the person receiving it.

The idea is to make a list of valuable free items that a digital marketer could use.


  • Link to a password app, so he or she can manage all their passwords safely
  • Link to a YouTube channel where they can find valuable videos
  • Write down the names of some social media accounts that create great content

26 Phone Case

Image source: Redbubble

Who cannot use a new phone once in a while?

If you want to make a personalized one, then creating the design in Canva and uploading it to Redbubble is a great way to accomplish that.

27 Desk Organizer

Image source: Amazon

A clean desk makes a clean mind, and with a clean mind, you produce the best content possible.

And what yells a tight and neat desk more than a desk organizer? This cheap one from Amazon is a sure winner.

28 Label Maker

Label maker in grey
Image source: Amazon

If you work together with others it can sometimes be nice to have labels on particular stuff, instead of wasting time figuring out who is the owner of Xyz.

29 Whiteboard

Image source: Amazon

Whether you work from the comfort of your own home, or if you work at a corporate office, a whiteboard can always be useful.

It’s nice to have a personal one with the task written down for the day, and as time passes on can cross over the finished tasks.

Very useful, and it might make one more productive as well.

30 Nespresso Coffee Machine

Nespresso coffee machine for digital marketers
Image source: Amazon

What’s cooler than having your own coffee machine at your office?

Even if your favorite marketer is your spouse and you already have a coffee machine at home – buying one for the home office would really show your appreciation for their work.

It’s one of the more expensive gifts, and would therefore be a better fit for a close relative of yours.

31 Artificial plants

Artificial green plant for digial marketers
Image source: Amazon

Having some green plants in the office space just makes it a less stressful environment to work in.

It also improves the visual look, which is just a bonus.

Grab these inexpensive artificial plants, and watch your digital marketer light up when they unwrap their gift.

Wrapping it all up – 31 Gift ideas for digital marketers

That was 31 gift ideas for digital marketers you could consider buying to make your favorite marketer happy.

If you did not find what you were looking for, then check out this comprehensive list of gift ideas for frugal people. In that list might be some ideas you could use for your favorite digital marketer as well.

People also ask?

Here are some questions people also ask about.

Which are the best gift ideas for digital marketers?

There are no single best gift ideas because it all depends on the receiver.

However, if you find a digital marketer present within their field of operation you can be sure they will be happy with your efforts.

And if have trouble finding the right gifts, then use the go-to guide above.

Which gifts can you send digitally?

While you cannot send everything across the internet, a lot of gifts can be sent.

For instance, online templates, excel files, subscription packages, some gift cards, and similar products.

What to give a digital marketer who has it all?

Get creative. A great idea is to give evergreen gifts such as experiences, a night out, baby/pet sitting services, cleaning services, subscription packages, courses, and so on.

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