4 Easy Business Ideas to Start in 2022

4 fun business ideas

It’s time for some fun and profitable business ideas, so let’s just dive into it!

Pet Bakery

People love pets, and they spend a lot of money on them. According to Rachel King from Fortune.com, Americans spent $103.6 billion on pets alone in 2020. So why wouldn’t there be a little space in that market for this idea?

The idea is simple. It’s about baking snacks for pets. Many like to give their pets presents when it’s Christmas for instance, and some have the urge to pamper their pets constantly.

I don’t know about you, but if someone likes to bake and loves pets, then this idea could be ideal.


Football Bowling

I played football-golf as a kid, and I found it extremely fun (I still do). To kick a ball with such precision it goes into the hole — simple idea, but so entertaining.

The image was made by the author in Canva

Then it struck me; how about football bowling. Wouldn’t one be able to buy some bowling pins, and make between 1–10 bowling alleys? It could be in one’s garden (if you have a big one), or one could either rent or buy a property for it. It could be both in and outside, only the imagination is the limit here.

Promote it locally, and charge a little for it. I personally think you could have 10 visits or more a day if you have a great location, and you promote it properly.

An idea could be to sell some drinks, beers, snacks, etc. simultaneously to earn some additional income.

Pet Hotel

This is an excellent business to start if you like pets. You almost don’t need to buy anything — The hotel could be your house if you’re okay with it.


Photo by Sara Dubler on Unsplash

Think about, how many times are people panicking because nobody can take care of their pets when they are on vacation. Many times would be my guess.

You could be the caretaker. You could open up your house all 365 days a year, or just in the peak seasons, it’s up to you. I know my family has been using these pet hotels a lot when they have a vacation.

Again, promote it locally or even nationally if you’d like, and I’m almost sure you’ll get some inquiries.


Cat Cafe

For some odd reason, pets have managed to get themselves a place in 3 out of 4 of all the business ideas. Guess pets are the way to go.


Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

The first time I heard of this, was on a study trip to New York. I walked down the street when a cat in a window caught my eye. Next to it was a sign saying “The Cafe is Open”. I was like “who brought their cat to drink coffee?”

Apparently, it was a cat cafe and it seemed like it was filled with people. It’s a cafe where customers get a cat to pet while drinking their coffee.

So now I’m here sharing the idea of a cat cafe with you. This might be a small niche, or maybe it’s bigger than I think — I have no clue whatsoever.

I hope you found some inspiration or at least enjoyed the read. You can read about more side hustles here


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