5 Extremely Profitable Subscription Box Ideas to Earn Money

Number #3 is excellent

As always I am the idea generator, it is your task to shoot my ideas down or make them work.

So stay critical, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to suck in some inspiration. I wouldn’t share these ideas if I didn’t believe in them myself.

1# Baby clothing

Okay, I often hear mothers complain about how their baby has already grown out of the newly bought sweater from last month.

Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

This gave me the idea: What if one sold baby clothes subscription boxes?

Then one would always have clothes that fit one’s baby. Of course, it should be possible to choose the clothes’ design and change the sizes each time.

Find a supplier and discuss the idea, I think it would work.

2# Deodorants

Nothing is worse than getting ready for work and realizing you forgot to buy a new deodorant so you could roll on some smelly flowers under your arms.

Now you have to smell like a wet dog that has been sleeping outside for a week for not obeying its owners.

But this wouldn’t have been a problem if you received a monthly deodorant subscription box.

Thus the idea of course is to make such a box and promote it properly. I would buy it.

3# Challenges

People love challenges, I do too. How about sending a box with instructions and materials to complete a challenge.

It could be a knitting challenge, origami, cooking, reading, exercising, etc.β€Šβ€”β€Šwhatever you think would fit into such a box.

It would be a great way to learn some new skills and find other sides of oneself.

4# Emojis

If you know how to code or whatever is needed for this, then try creating packages of emojis.

Photo by Denis Cherkashin on Unsplash

I love when apple updates its emojis. Maybe you could even make people pay more to get personalized emojis. That would be so cool!.

If someone chooses this idea, then hit me up, I might be your first customer.

5# Oil for diffusers

When walking into a house, and you immediately smell red roses or lavender, then you know it’s the work of a diffuser.

But sometimes the oil that goes into this diffuser evaporatesβ€Šβ€”β€ŠAnd the house starts to smell like, you guessed it, a house. And if there is something women don’t like it’s the smell of a house (just kidding).

Anyways, I bet there are a lot of women out there who would sign up for a diffuser oil subscription box.


Whether you want to sell baby clothes on a subscription basis or making your own emojis, there’s something we can all turn into a subscription package. It doesn’t even has to be the passive/active subscription package ideas in this article.

Thanks for reading

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