5 Strange Jobs That Pay well in 2022

Strange jobs

The last few years have taught me that having multiple sources of income is crucial. Whether we are talking side hustles earning as little as $50 a month or a business that brings in $25,000 a month.

And while I cover many side hustles and business ideas I rarely talk about the area where most people earn the main part of their income; jobs.

This list contains unique, strange, and fun jobs that you could consider stepping into if you live up to the requirements – and they all pay pretty well.

1 Toy designer

Remember when going on a shopping trip with your mom as a kid? I do. My eyes were always glued to the toys we passed on our way, and I rarely didn’t ask my mom to buy a toy for me.

Strange jobs

Later on, as I became older I realized that before the toy arrived at the store someone designed it.

That someone is a toy designer.

A toy designer is a person who designs toys that is safe for children to play with while the toy still is entertaining.


There are no specific requirements, but one thing is for sure. You need to have some kind of creative skills to execute this job properly.

In addition, you should be knowledgeable about different materials, since you need to know how material a goes together with b, and if some materials aren’t suited for children. Thus it’s not easy to become a toy designer nor is it the hardest job to get.


The average national salary for this job is pretty good; $78,913

2 Voice over artist

If you have the golden voice or the voice of the man/woman from the commercials this might be something you should at least should consider. While the job sounds simple, there’s more to it than a great voice.

You need to be able to do acting and read scripts in the most optimal way. Some even take acting classes in order to succeed at their voice-over job.

Thus a great starting point would be to practice reading scripts out loud – maybe try recording yourself to hear if you sound like you think.


Retirements for this job are fluffy, but a great voice, experience with script reading, and maybe some acting will get you a long way.


The average national salary for being a voice-over artist is $66,990, however, some freelancers are doing much better than this – for instance, Alice Everdeen has made +$100,000 in a single year from being a voice-over artist.

3 Computer hacker

When I was a small kid I loved to do small hacks on my parents’ computers, and they bring as tech-ignorant as they were, they didn’t understand a single thing when 100s of pop-ups appeared on the screen.

Strange jobs

While that was funny, that’s not the kind of hacking you should do in this job.

White hat hackers use their hacking competencies to help companies with testing their software to ensure its security.

These ethical computer experts are paid to legally break into corporate networks to find vulnerabilities and prevent real hackers from accessing them later.


You need to be a really strong hacker with enough knowledge to execute the tasks that comes with the job.


The national average salary is: $93,861

4 Clinical ethicist

A clinical ethicist is a job that requires you to take an impartial stance on certain medical decisions to help doctors, patients, and families make informed decisions.

People often have very different but strong views on issues like cloning and stem cell research.

As a clinical ethicist, you will conduct an impartial investigation of issues to help those affected make the right decisions.


This job requires a master’s or doctoral degree in medical ethics or a related field.


The national average salary is:Β $113,230

5 Veterinary Acupuncturist

As a veterinary acupuncturist, you will use non-surgical and non-pharmacological methods to treat animals.

Strange jobs

You will use needles, tools, and techniques such as massage, blood flow methods, frequency methods, and polar devices.


This job requires acupuncture training and certification. A love of animals is also important to the character’s success.


The national average salary is: $69,167

Final thoughts

While they all might sound fund or strange they’re all real jobs that anybody who lives up to the requirements could pursue. Let me know in the comments if you would like to try them out or if you know some strange jobs too.

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