5 Tips for Getting More out of Your Income

How to get more out of your income

As a prior college student, I’ve been on a budget for quite some time now. It took some time to get used to, especially when I first started out as a broke college kid with no savings account and no idea how to manage money.

But after years of trial-and-errorโ€”and some pretty embarrassing mistakesโ€”I’ve learned how to make my $1000 monthly budget work for me. Here are five tips that’ll help you do the same thing as well.

1 Have a clear reason to save money

You should have a reason for saving money. A clear reason, like โ€œI want to buy a houseโ€ or โ€œI want to pay off my debt and all of my credit cards by the end of this year,โ€ helps you stay motivated. You can then use that motivation as your guide when making decisions about how much money you want to save each month.

For example, if your goal is to buy a house in two years, then it makes sense for you not only to cut back on expenses but also put aside some extra cash each month so that by 2020, when you’re ready for homeownership, there’s enough money in the bank account.

But what happens when there isn’t such an overarching goal? What happens when people don’t have any idea where they’ll be next year or even next month? If they don’t know where they’re going (or who they’re going with), then why would they even bother with saving?

2 Get the ‘non-essentials’ out of the way first

Get rid of expensive subscriptions is a crucial one. You don’t need both Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc. Choose one, and get rid of the rest. Also try looking through your recent payment – are you paying for any subscription packages that you don’t use anymore and simply haven’t unsubscribed from due to being lazy? Then now is the time to unsubscribe.

Pay off your credit card debt. Not only will you achieve greater freedom and get a burden off your shoulders when you’ve payed off your credit card debt – you’ll also get rid of all the interest payments that continue accumulating as long as you have debt.

Stop buying things you don’t need. This is so simple, yet many people experience trouble when trying not to buy things they don’t need. A quick hack is to make a grocery list and then stick to it.

3 Include your partner in your budgeting

In order to make your budget work, itโ€™s important that you include your partner in the process. You need to be on the same page about what you can afford and what purchases are unnecessary.

5 tips to get more out of your income

The best way to do this is by talking with one another. Sit down with your partner and talk openly about your goals, needs, and wants as a family unit.

Discuss how much money each person is making (and will make) per month in order to understand how much money there is available for savings or spending each month.

This conversation should include any debt they might haveโ€”credit card bills, student loan payments, car loansโ€”because these things also take up part of their income every month even if they don’t seem like monetary obligations when we look at our bank account balance after receiving our paycheck at work!

When creating your monthly budget together this way instead of just telling each other “don’t spend any more than $1k/mo,” you’ll get better results because everyone has input into what expenses should stay or go based on personal preference rather than just being told what not spend on anymore without a reason why.

4 Prioritize your goals and expenses

Prioritize your goals and expenses, and make a list of your goals, then rank them from most important to least important.

For example, you might want to improve your homeโ€™s energy efficiency or take a vacation with your family.

These are both great goalsโ€”but if you have limited funds, it will be hard to do both at the same time.

So create two separate lists: one for short-term goals (like saving for a new couch) and another for long-term ones (like purchasing solar panels).

Then prioritize each goal based on how important it is to you personally and how soon in the future it needs to be completed.

If you feel like something is truly urgent and canโ€™t wait until next month or next year, make note of this as well so that others know how much pressure is being put on them!

5 Make sure to have fun

When you’re spending money, it can be hard to know what’s a good investment and what’s not. The truth is that there’s no one way to spend your money, and everyone has their own priorities.

But here are some general rules to live by:

Spend money on experiences. When you do this, you’ll never regret itโ€”and it will help you remember those experiences forever!

Spend money on yourself. Everyone deserves to treat themselves sometimes, so go ahead and treat yourself! You deserve it!

Spend money on others. Supporting others in need is one of the most meaningful ways to spend your hard-earned money (and also just makes you feel good).

Spend money on your family. Whether it’s helping out around the house or taking time off from work for a vacation with them, spending quality time with loved ones is always worth it in the end!

You can make a lot out of a little

If you want to make the most of your income, it’s important to set realistic goals that can be achieved with a little sacrifice. Having a partner who is willing to support your goals will also help in achieving them.

Remember that having fun while saving money can be an important part of getting more out of your income.


The takeaway is that you can make a lot out of a little if youโ€™re willing to sacrifice and budget carefully. You may have to cut back on some things, but if it means having more money at the end of each month, then it will all be worth it in the long run.

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