7 Low-Content Book Ideas You Could Start Selling Today to Earn Extra Money

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I’m giving away the ideas no one wants to share

love thinking outside the box, and I love projects that can help me earn some additional income.

Here are some ideas you could try out for yourself.

1.a Color books (Mandala)

No need to design your own mandala patterns, just search “mandala” in Canva, and you then have free no copyright Mandala patterns you could use for your book.

Mandela pattern
Images provided by Canva
Mandela pattern
Images provided by Canva

Download the patterns and implement them in a word document, and convert the document to a PDF, and then upload it to a selling-platform like Payhip.

1.b Color books for Kids

And like above, you can use Canva to find illustrations for your kids’ color book.

Kids drawing
Images provided by Canva

2 Sudoku Books

Again you can search Sudoku in Canva, and a template would appear. Then fill in the squares with some numbers. What I did was:

  • Searched for ‘Sudoku’ on google, then copied the template from Google into Canva,
  • Then I chose some of the numbers from the Google template to incorporate into the Canva template. Voila, now I have my own no copyright sudoku template to sell.
Sudoku template
Made by the Author in Canva

3 Quote books

Either find famous quotes or make your own and then put them into a book. It is pretty straightforward.

Image created by the author in Canva

4 Guest books

This one might be the easiest. You assemble a book from empty pages, and then the only thing you must do is design the cover page — Ready for sale!

Guest book
Image created by the author in Canva

5 Word games

Word games are fun, and if you know your way around in Canva, Word, PowerPoint, or similar, you would be able to design and create your own word games in no time.

Letters in a square
Image provided by Canva

6 Puzzle/riddle books

Last, but not least, you could search for riddles, or make up your own, and then put them into a book. You could also make a book containing other fun puzzles to solve. Only your imagination is the limit.

Woman and puzzles
Image provided by Canva

Final thoughts:

If you liked some of these ideas you should consider reading how you can get other people to make them for your for as little as $15

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