A Profitable Side Hustle Idea to Earn +$1,000 Per Month — I’ve Done it

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The best side hustles help you and others at the same time

Money is nice to have since it helps you increase the comfort of your life. And who doesn’t like comfort?

But one thing that’s even better than having a lot of money is helping others.

“Can’t we do both?”

You are damn right we can. 

The Idea

Metal. It’s all over the place, and it’s being used in various devices, tools, buildings, utilities, cars, etc.

There’s a lot of it. And that metal can quickly become money in your pockets.


Offer people to come by their house and pick up bags of metal they don’t want anymore. Afterward, you can transform that scrap metal into Benjamins by selling it.

3 types of metal to sell

  • Steel — This type of metal might be the least lucrative to sell, but if you have a lot, and I mean a lot of it, then it will still earn you good money.
  • Brass — Alloys like brass can be sold for $1 to $2 a pound. Brass can be found in applications requiring low friction — gears, locks, valves, and ammunition
  • Copper — One of the most wanted metals of today’s world is copper. You can sell it for $2 to $4 or even more for a pound. You can be sure that any yard dealing in metal will accept it. (Source: Popularmechanics)


  • Get money from the side hustle
  • You help out people who don’t have time to get rid of the metal or recycle it
  • Helping the environment by selling it to recycling firms.

What’s not like?

Okay, maybe the time you must put into the side hustle can be a negative, but if you enjoy being your own boss, and helping out others, then this side hustle might be your call anyways.

I’ve tried it

When I was 12 years old, my schoolmates and I distributed flyers in our local area stating “next week we will come by your house, and if you’ve left metal close to the road we’ll pick it up for you, please put it in bags, thank you”.

The next week we collected tons of metal — of course with help from our parents who drove us around with a trailer.

If I remember correctly we were able to sell it all for around $1,800, which we split between us.

If done today, I’m sure I could pick up more and even faster than then, which is why this side hustle could be lucrative for you as well.

Final thoughts

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