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Are you going to try this one?

There’s a huge interest in all my “how to make money”, “Side-hustles”, and “Passive income” articles. I understand — I find those the most interesting too.

So only for you (my readers), I went on a hunt. I searched Google for everything, and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Then I turned my attention to Twitter and BOOM. There are a lot of hidden gems on Twitter.

Thus, this is a series of 5 articles, where I’ll share 1 unique business idea at a time inspired by Twitter users. Welcome to part 3.

If you haven’t read part 2 you can find it here.

The idea was inspired by Bryant Suellentrop

Let’s look at the third idea, this time it’s from Bryant Suellentrop. Before reading further keep in mind this business idea is difficult, and you need some very good technological skills.

Source: Twitter

Okay nice, but what is CRM?

CRM definition: “Technological enablers which are designed to combine island solutions and support business processes in the areas of marketing, sales, and service. They serve to integrate and provide access to all customer information and contact channels on the basis of a central database.

Based on the setup and structure of CRM systems, their functions can be classified into three different areas, namely collaborative, operational, and analytical CRM, which are connected to each other through a learning system.“ (From a course in information technology I participated in)

Cool definition, how about demand?

Hmm take a look for yourself:

The screenshot was taken by the author — Source:

According to the responses above it seems like he’s not charging enough. Apparently, there’s a great market for this idea and high demand.

Pick a niche

Of course not all CRM systems are the same, but some may look more similar than others. Thus, pick a niche where you know you can deliver extraordinary service.

You must know how organizations within a specific niche are connected to a specific extent. And you must know how to migrate an organization from one CRM to another CRM.

It’s a hard one, but a lucrative one. So if you are a tech genius, then go for it. And if you are tech-illiterate like me, I hope you enjoyed the idea anyways.

Thanks for reading

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