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Developing a Winning System and Fine-Tuning It for Success

Winning system

When it comes to being successful, it isn’t always about who is the smartest, has the best product, or is the hardest worker. Yes, those areas matter and can make a difference, but if these were the only factors, then who should be successful would be pretty cut and dry.

There are plenty of hard workers, smart people, and great products that never really realize success. I believe these people struggle because they haven’t been able to create a winning system that allows them to succeed. 

The people with the best success are able to find their niche and then capitalize on it like no one else has before. It doesn’t even have to be groundbreaking ideas, but they are able to learn from others, come up with a game plan, and then continue to fine-tune it for success. 

So whatever area of business or life you find yourself in, using this method of developing a winning system and then fine-tuning it will allow you to be successful.Β 

Add Value to People

Before you start any pursuit, you need to make sure that it is a worthwhile pursuit. You want to provide a service or create a product that will benefit people and add value. If you are not adding value, you are not bringing anything to the table. 

So before you dedicate your time to something, make sure that it is a worthwhile endeavor that will add value to the people around you. 

For example, I enjoy writing. I write on all types of topics and for a variety of different websites. One of the sites that I own is ListsForAll.com. When I came up with the idea of creating Lists For All, I wanted to add value to people searching the internet for specific items, travel destinations, websites, etc.

Rather than people having to spend time searching through different Google entries to find the right site or product for them, I wanted to condense the top items into a list and then allow readers to quickly determine which items would appeal to them.Β 

I took my passion for writing and figured out a way to add value to those around me. 

So whatever your passion is, do your best to figure out a way to add value to the people around you. That way, you can do what you love, add value to those around you, and, ultimately, be successful and make a living off the value you are adding. 

Find Your Angle and Become an Expert

Create a winning system
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After you have found a way to add value, you need to find the angle. One of my good friends is a realtor in St. Pete, Florida, and he has become very successful with short-term rentals. Yes, he sells all kinds of houses in the area, but he has found his niche and expertise in selling and owning short-term rentals; that is his angle. 

He spent the time learning the ins and outs of short-term rentals, what properties work best, how to improve an Airbnb listing, and so much more. He became the expert in this area, and now when anyone else is looking to invest in a short-term rental in St. Pete, they know to go to him. 

So whatever industry you are in, find your angle and figure out how you can become an expert that people go to when they need something. Experts are always in high demand. 

Small Pivots to the Plan

Just because you start down one path doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments to it. When trying to find your angle or area of expertise, you may have to pivot and make small adjustments to your plan (you may even have to scrap your plan and start over). The most successful people can adjust when one door closes and keep moving forward. 

I love the show Breaking Bad and the character Saul Goodman that is a lawyer in the show. I also really love the show that was a spinoff of Breaking Bad that features Saul Goodman called Better Call Saul

In Better Call Saul, the story features Saul Goodman, a struggling criminal defense lawyer. And while the show twists and turns and Saul gets into trouble with the wrong people, it also shows how he begins to hustle and find his angle. 

He pivots from being a criminal defense attorney and gets into elder law (which he previously knew nothing about). He then becomes an expert at it and ultimately wins a huge class action settlement for a nursing home against a large insurance company. 

Yes, this is just a TV show, but it shows how you can continue to pivot and adjust your plan until successful. The most successful people in life can quickly and easily adapt their game plan and keep moving forward. 

Fine Tune Your Winning System

After you have pivoted and made adjustments to find your game plan and area of expertise, don’t be afraid to fine-tune it and continue to improve it. Always be thinking about how you can be more efficient and how you can improve your winning system. 

A great way to do this is with new tools. As a writer, a new tool that has recently become popular is AI writing. If I want to continue to be successful with my websites and writing, AI writing needs to be implemented somehow. That doesn’t mean I will completely abandon my writing process, but it does mean I could use an AI tool like ChatGPT to help me come up with topic titles, outlines, etc. 

The more you can master new tools that make your process easier, the more you can be successful moving forward. 

Reading, watching videos, and listening to podcasts is another great way to continue to fine-tune your winning system. Always be willing to learn from other experts and decide if there is a new and better way to do a task. 

You can fine-tune your winning system in all kinds of ways, so make sure that you are always on the lookout to do so. 

Take on New Challenges

Just because you have a winning system in one area doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take on new challenges and expand. Yes, if you feel like your plate is too full, then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you have the ability to take on new challenges, go for it. 

Figure out how your new challenge can be integrated into your winning system and how both can help each other out. For example, I have always owned my own websites and have done SEO for them, but recently I decided to do some contract work for a site called Harbor Classic

I decided to take on a new challenge, and it has paired great with the work that I am already doing. I am able to help another website out, make more money, and grow my sites at the same time. It started with being willing to take on a new challenge and get out of my comfort zone, though. 

Creating a Winning System Conclusion

Hard work and intelligence are key but are only the starting point. If you want to succeed in life, you have to develop a winning system that works for you. It will most likely look different for each person, but that is what makes it great. 

Find your niche and expertise, don’t be afraid to pivot, and always be willing to fine-tune it and take on new challenges as you go. 

Before you know it, you will have created a winning system that benefits not only how you work but also your everyday life. You will learn how to be efficient and take on tasks with a winning mindset. 

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