How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

How to make video ads in Canva

Want to know how you can make your own aesthetic video ad in less than 10 minutes? Using Canva you don’t need any video material, only some images, and then you are ready. Follow this guide, and you’ll be flying in no time.

Here’s what it could look like:

Choose a video

First up, go to Canva.com and sign in. If you don’t have a user then sign up, it’s free. When you are signed in you’ll see a page like the one below. Here you choose “videos”.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

This will lead you to a page filled with video templates. Out of those templates, you simply choose one. But remember to make sure that the dimensions and ratio correlate to the requirements of the media where you want to post.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

If you don’t know the dimensions/ratio you can use this page that will tell you exactly what you need for your Instagram reel, Facebook ad, and so on.

Upload Files

With your template in place, you go to the left bar and choose “uploads”, and then “upload files”. Upload all the relevant product images for your ad, so you don’t have to add one at a time later. Preparation is key to efficiency.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

Choose background

Now it’s time to choose a background. Canva provides you with a lot of possibilities such as landscapes, patterns, nature, abstract, gradient, and so on. Personally, I prefer using a gradient color since I think that fits well into a product ad. But choose whatever you think may look good in your advertisement.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

Now you should be left with an empty page only containing the background color/pattern/image you chose like the one below.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

How to isolate product images?

Now add the image(s) that you uploaded before. Maybe you want to remove the background of the images to isolate them. This can be done easily, perfectly, and fast in Canva. However this is a pro feature, so you will have to pay for Canva in order to use it.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

Click on the image and choose “edit image”, and you’ll see the window above to your left. Here you choose “background remover”, then wait for a few seconds while Canva is doing its magic, and voila – you just removed the background.

Choose font

Choosing a font is crucial since it will weigh a lot when it comes to the aesthetic look of your ad. To the left, you’ll find the fonts you can use

Try experimenting with it or look at TheBloggingGuide which shares tips on how to combine different fonts.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

Setup the pages

Now it’s time to set up the different pages. Resize both images and text, and change colors or what else you think is needed.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

You can see how I chose to position both text and images on three of my pages above.

The fun part – animations

This is the part where your pages are brought to life. When selecting your text you’ll see the “animate” option in the right corner – hit it.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

Now you’ll be presented with different animation options to your left. Pick the one you think would benefit your ad the most.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

Use the same method to apply animations to your images. Click the image –> Animate –> pick animation.

Cut and download

Finally, you switch the position of the pages, cut them into your preferred lengths, and if you’d like you can add music to the ad as well.

At the bottom of your Canva page you’ll see this:

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

This is where you drag and drop to perfect your ad the last time. To add music go to “audio” on the left, pick the melody/song that you like, and drag it down beneath your pages as I did in the image above.

How to Make a Video ad In Canva?

Now you are done, and there’s nothing left besides downloading your ad and sharing it on the platforms of your choice.

Final Thoughts

Using Canva is a quick and effective way to make an ad to promote products without the need for any video material. Following the steps above, and with a little practice, you’ll be able to make hundreds of these videos in no time.

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