How to make money blogging in 2022

Blogging in 2022

Does blogging still make money

Yes, it does. The average blogger makes about $8,000 a month, but that’s not the full picture. The truth is that the highest earners make more than $10,000 a month, thus increasing the average blogging income.

It’s far more normal to earn between $100 to $3,000 a month. That doesn’t mean you have to be in that income bracket forever – maybe you have a goal of exceeding $3,000 a month, and luckily for you, the blogging race is not over yet – in 2020 above 31 million people in the United States were bloggers. And from 2014 to 2020 ten million new bloggers flourished.

Yes, it’s getting more competitive, but it’s certainly still possible to make money from blogging if one is willing to put in the work.

Blogging niches that make money

Starting a blog without choosing a niche is like setting yourself up for failure. Therefore, you must know which niche that would help you obtain the best possible results. Not only that, but you’ll also have to identify sub-niches within your overall niche. Here are five of the most profitable blogging niches, and I’ll show you which sub-niches you can focus on.

1 Business and marketing

There are countless of blogs out there covering topics related to business and marketing. And if you’ve ever read about blogging before, you might now already know how important your marketing and strategy are.

Although it’s a really competitive niche, once you break into it, you’ll have a higher CPM (cost per mille) than many other blogs. This would result in you earning more from fewer page views.

But before breaking into it you must know what you want to cover on your business/marketing blog more specifically, and here are some ideas.

Sub niches:

  • Leadership/management
  • SEO
  • Business strategy
  • Business ideas
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social networking
  • Copy/or content writing
  • Different kinds of marketing: Email, Social media, PR, etc.

Business blogs worth following:

2 Personal Finance

My bet is that you in the past have searched for ways to save more money or earn more of it for that matter. And you are not alone. Many people want to know how they can improve their lives, and how to increase the comfort of their weekdays – and many think it can be done with financial improvements (it can).

This is one of the reasons this niche has gained lots of traction from people globally. And if this doesn’t convince you to pick this niche, Indiebounty wrote about Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who made $139,233 a month from her personal finance blog.

If you want to break into this highly competitive niche, then here are some sub-niches for you to consider.

Sub niches:

Personal finance blogs worth following:


Browsing the internet whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube, you can be sure to stumble across DIY (do it yourself) projects. And the audience for DIY blogs is only growing.

Many bloggers within the DIY/or crafting niche is earning more than $5,000 a month, and on a list made by Indiebounty, the highest earning DIY blogger (Gina Luker) made +$25,000 in one month.

Do you have a creative mind and green nails? Then this niche might be for you, and there are lots of sub-niches you could dive into. Just to name a few:

Sub niches:

  • Indoor projects
  • Outdoor projects
  • Room renovations
  • Interior design
  • Furniture
  • DIY clothing design
  • Food

DIY blogs worth following:

4 Health and Fitness

The health and fitness niche is another very profitable blogging niche to consider. Although the overall fitness industry’s (including physical gyms and supplement sellers) revenue went down from $96.7bn in 2019 to $54.2bn in 2021 partly due to the covid pandemic, this is not going to continue. And the industry is already rebounding.

In addition, the fitness ‘blogging’ industry might not even have experienced the same decline in their income, but quite the opposite, since people became more desperate to find training methods to implement at home. And there are no signs of people losing interest in fitness and health subjects.

Sub niches:

  • Training routines
  • Meal plans
  • Fat loss
  • Supplements
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Prevention of illnesses

Health & Fitness blogs worth following:

5 Technology and Gaming

The hyper-exponential development in innovations and technology is a great way to make money. Zippia reported that the tech industry is making up 35% of the total world market – and what’s even crazier is that 90% of the world’s data was generated between 2019 and the present.

That’s what I would consider a growing industry. And with a fast-paced growth industry comes blogging opportunities. Here are a couple of sub-niches you could consider writing about.

Sub niches:

  • Game reviews
  • Equipment: Computer, phone, tablets, headphones, camera, etc.
  • Software tutorials
  • Programming/coding
  • Tech for the elderly
  • Tech for teens
  • How use tech to make every day easier

Tech & Gaming blogs worth following:

Ways to make money blogging

Make money blogging

Some do blogging because they simply cannot resist the temptation to write about a specific topic. Others do it because they know it can turn into a money-making machine. No matter what reason you have in the back of your mind, it will never be negative to earn money from a blog – also though it wasn’t the purpose from the start.

Anyway, which methods can you use to earn money from blogging? There are more ways than you might think.

1 Advertisement

Advertisers will pay to get their advertisement displayed on your blog page, especially if you have a blog page with thousands of views. Signing up for an advertisement network is the first way you can generate money from your blog.

Some advertisement networks are:

  • Google Adsense: This is the oldest, and maybe also the most common one. It’s often not the network that gives you the highest CPM, but it is great for beginners. The cool thing is that there are no view requirements to sign up for it. However, they still have a few requirements:
    • The website must contain unique and interesting content
    • Content must comply with AdSense Program Policies
    • The owner of the website should be at least 18 years old
    • Unofficially, your site must be 6 months old (brand new sites might be rejected)
  • Ezoic: This network was made with the aim of increasing the amount of revenue blog publishers earned by improving the reader’s overall reading experience. Thus, this network will typically help you achieve a higher CPM than google Adsense. The sad part is there are more strict requirements to qualify for it:
    • Comply with Google’s ad policy
    • More than 10,000 monthly visits
    • Content should be original
    • Need to have a track record of traffic
  • Adthrive: Just like Ezoic, Adtrhive was created on a desire to help online bloggers earn a substantial income. And they definitely managed to do that. This is one of the advertisement networks with the highest CPMs, and therefore it can help you earn much more per 1,000 views your blog receives. But there is a ‘but‘. Adthrive is more difficult to qualify for due to its strict requirements:
    • Majority of the traffic must come from the United States
    • Your blog must receive more than 100,000 monthly visits
    • No previous infringements with major ad providers
    • Content must be unique and fit the reader’s needs
    • Site secure with HTTPS
    • You need a minimum of 3 ads running on highly viewable locations

Other Advertisements networks:

2 Affiliate Marketing

A second way to earn money from blogging is through affiliate marketing. If you are able to build trust and gain a large audience, then extra income from being an affiliate is ideal. And a lot of affiliate programs exist out there.

For instance, Amazon’s affiliate program is just one out of thousands.

Pro tip: A great way to promote affiliate products is to document you buying and using the product yourself, and then give an honest review followed by an affiliate link to the product.

3 Digital Products

Creating your own digital products is another great way to benefit from your blog. Making an eBook, recipes, training programs, software, etc., and then selling it through your blog is another way to increase the income from your blog.

Selling digital products requires that you, first of all, make top-quality digital products that are worth the customer’s money.

Secondly, you need a loyal audience that trusts you. In fact, a large audience is worth nothing if they don’t trust you enough to buy your products. Thus creating trust between you and your readers is crucial for this additional blogging income to work.

4 Other Ways to Make Money Blogging

  • Create a paid newsletter that people can sign up for through your blog
  • Sell your service/knowledge
  • Create a paid community/or paid section of your blog
  • Monetize YouTube videos
  • Get sponsorships
  • Link to your podcast (if you have one)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To grow your blog, great content isn’t enough. It’s crucial that you know what people’s search queries are, and then address those queries in the most optimal way possible.

This is where SEO comes into play. This is such a large topic that I cannot cover it all in this article, but I’ll give you some essential aspects that you must look more into if you want to rank on the first page of Google.

  • Linkbuilding: This is one of the most crucial factors when performing great SEO. Getting backlinks to point at your site tells Google that your site provides value and that it can be trusted, thus Google will rank you in a better position. It simply improves your DA (domain authority)
  • Density: The keyword(s) you want to rank for must appear at least 1% of the time, and it would be preferred if you implement the keyword into headlines, subheadings, write it in italics and bold, put it between quotation marks, implement it in the introduction and in your conclusion.
  • Navigation & structure: Your blog post must be easy to navigate, thus both subheadings and a table of contents would be ideal. Google also takes the navigation experience into consideration when ranking.

Other SEO tactics:

  • Write for humans, not for search engines
  • Use the right keywords at the right locations
  • Make your site load fast (remove things that slow down the loading speed)
  • Write optimized meta descriptions
  • Improve existing content and add extra elements that you missed

How Fast can you make money blogging

This is a hard question to answer since it depends on various elements such as the type of niche, number of blog posts per week, SEO skills, network, prior experience, and so much more.

But on average you can earn money from month 3 or 4, but it often takes a whole year before making a substantial amount of money. The founder of NichePursuits, Spencer Haws, said it took him 4 months to make money from his blog, but 10 months before he had crossed the $1,000 a month mark.

So in reality you can make a blog site worth $30,000 in less than a year. And when you first hit that $1,000 a month mark it’s just like an avalanche, the income increases quickly.

Final Thoughts

You can still earn money from blogging in 2022, and it’s indeed still very profitable. Start by choosing a niche, and then some sub-niches that you would like to write about.

When that’s done start doing your keyword analysis, and look into, what search queries people have. Only when you know that should you start writing. And when the time has come, and your blog has gotten a lot of attention, then sign up for one of the advertisement networks listed in this article.

Also, consider supplementing your income with some of the other ways to make money from your blog like selling digital products.

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