How to Make Money Online Without Spending Money

How to make money

That’s impossible! I prefer that’s incredible, for it is true, anyone can make money online without investing money. This article challenges this misconception along with two other popular cliches used on the Internet. It will prove that you can make money online with no money, find success without using social media, and become competitive using only your talents.  

Getting Started Without a Bankroll

Someone once said β€˜you need money to make money’, and although there may be some truth to this, it is not an economic law. In June 2022, I decided to start making money online with a bankroll of $0.00.

I live on a farm outside the city and the available Internet was via satellite, a fixed $39 monthly overhead. I decided to avoid this and converted my smartphone into a modem. This meant no additional cost and full online access.

The next step was simple, I created a Gmail account, opened a PayPal account, then ran over to and created a free landing page. Here I also established my portfolio. I was ready to work, and so far I haven’t spent any money.

Finding Online Gold Mines

One thing about the Internet is that it pays back on your invested time. So, I started putting in a lot of time and effort. I wasted no time joining all the free job boards and freelance job posting centers. I applied ceaselessly to every offer where I qualified – indeed, guru, flex, freelance, entre, people per hour, – just to mention a few.

I was the newbie on these boards so I expected the rejections, and they came. When my rejection folder on Gmail reached 803, I knew that I had to change tactics.  So, when I was rejected by a media company, I would send them a pitch directly. 

I also created accounts on the most popular webmaster forums, where I hoped to find a gig, share with others, and started a slow campaign for my website.

My first gig came after two weeks and paid me $0.10 per post. I posted relevant content instead of money-earning posts, and the owner was impressed. He offered me work on his blog. I was now making $15 daily.

Switching Money-Making Gears

The online market is not interested in you, just your talent and skill. One of the pitches finally paid off (now at 1,200 + rejections in three weeks). A gig that offered $100 per day for five articles agreed to buy my article for $80! He then agreed to two articles per week.

After my first month, I earned US$405.  Starting from a zero bankroll, it was not so bad. I was now ready to create my website. I had carefully registered on these forums with my username being my domain name. This would make them familiar with my website and my talents, not so much with me.

I bought my domain and a one-year hosting package. Yet. I did not have enough funds to hire a designer. So, I installed a free website software and one of its best templates.

I was now ready to launch my website and originally planned for August 15, but a tropical storm forced me to reset the date to August 22, 2022. I was ready to go live, now worth more than $1,000, without an initial bankroll, without using any social media, and not giving up despite showers of rejections.

It Never Rains but it Pours

Once my site went live, I started a chatter about it wherever they would allow it, especially on those forums where I had won the rights to do so. I used two free online press release services and one that I exchanged for an ad copy.

The result was impressive. In my launch month, I sold more than 250 articles, 17 flash stories, 10 book reviews, 2 short stories, and a book.

What made it so Special?

Every website needs a sticker, that is, something that stands out to your visitors that makes them interact with your website, talk about your website, and want to return to your website.  One example is the website MyLot.  The website pays people to share whatever is on their minds. So, they come to the site to gossip and get paid for doing so, tell their friends where they are getting paid to gossip, and will be back shortly to gossip and get paid.

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