I Discovered The Coolest Side Hustle Ever

Side Hustle

As you might know, the best way to change one’s financial situation is to increase the income side. This can be done using different methods, but a great one is pursuing a side hustle.

So a few weeks ago my neighbor indirectly gave me an awesome idea for a side hustle. One of the more unique and fun ones you don’t hear about that often.

1 My neighbor

My current neighbor is an old man named Kurt (83 years old). I often help him out and just spend time talking with him — he has nobody, no kids, no wife, and no friends.

Through the years Kurt not infrequently offered me a lot of his stuff (tv, coffee machine, pillows, blankets, books, etc). Mostly I say thank you for the offer, but I think you should keep it.

However, a few weeks ago it hit me — I thought to myself, what if I helped Kurt generate a little extra income by selling some of the stuff he doesn’t want anymore.

So I gave it a try.

I knocked on Kurt’s door and asked if he would still be down to hand over his coffee machine – and of course, he was more than happy to hand it over to me.

I started cleaning his coffee machine (Moccamaster) and managed to sell it within two days for 850 Danish crowns ($120). We split the profit 50/50, and Kurt was extremely thankful for my gesture.

However, he thought I should keep all the money, but I couldn’t convince myself to take it.

2 The side hustle idea

This was when the idea struck me. I could ask the other elderly living in the building if they want me to sell some of their stuff. For instance, Kurt told me he couldn’t figure out how to sell his things online, so he would rather give them away to me for free.

And if Kurt cannot figure out how to sell it online, I guess a lot of people don’t know how to do it either.

I was right. I went up and down, left and right in the building, and knocked on doors. I just told them straight away that I was looking for stuff people didn’t use anymore, and I would like to find buyers for them — and then share the profit.

3 Make people happy

I am not kidding, when I say that almost 80% offered me their things for free, and told me to keep the profit myself. But of course, I went back to every single person I managed to sell for and delivered their share of the profit.

And even the angry old lady in the building lit up for the first time and thanked me for my effort. Everybody I helped was so grateful.

4 Is this idea not just taking advantage of the elderly?

Certainly NOT. The alternative is that they just keep stuff they don’t use. And I did not only ask the elderly, I also ran into a single mom who gave me a duvet.

This is a great way to make money while helping others out. You only have to invest a little of your time, and then you have money and if you choose to share the profit (which I think you should), you also make other people happy at the same time. Win-Win.

I hope you got some inspiration for this, and if you try it out, please let me know how it went — I’m so curious.

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