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But maybe you have the courage that I don’t

Back in 2018, an acquaintance of mine started his own business. He must have been 19 years old at the time.

The way he twisted a common idea was really unique to me back then, however, when I search a bit on the internet nowadays I can see more people doing the same. But that shouldn’t discourage anybody from trying out this idea too.

What he did

He offered to clean people’s cars. But the unique thing was he offered to come to the customer’s workplace and wash/clean the car while that person was working.

I thought that was genius. And I still do. We are all busy, working, and out of time — or so we try to convince ourselves, which is why it’s such a great idea.

Anyone who knows just a little about cleaning could start this.

If I was to do it, here’s how I would tackle it

  • I would buy all the remedies I need
  • I would start cleaning friends’ cars to get referrals
  • I would contact a local newspaper to get some PR
  • I would send out fliers to local companies
  • I would offer subscription deals (something my acquaintance didn’t do)
  • I would offer different packages
  • I would participate in car events
  • I would try to get a contract with a firm (imagine having a deal with a firm where you come and clean all the employees’ cars two times a month)
  • And just grind

Why I’m not doing it?

I’m simply too afraid of ruining another person’s car. It’s a silly reason I know, but that’s what’s holding me back.

But you could do it, and if you don’t like contacting companies, try knocking on people’s doors, and offering them some subscription packages or maybe just leave a flier at their house — it’s up to you.

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