A Non-Online Passive Income Idea to Start at Home

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Did I just say ‘non-online’ and ‘at home’ in one sentence, how?

Most passive income streams I come up with require a computer and an internet connection. That made me think that I owed my audience an idea to generate passive income without needing computers, phones, the internet, etc.

How I got the Idea

In a little town called Hune, in Denmark, we have an annual sand sculpture exhibition that attracts a lot of visitors.

Paying visitors actually.

Screenshot of a Youtube Video from the exhibition

That attraction inspired me, but I also thought that it’s difficult for an average person to just host such an event, thus I had to come up with an idea on how to scale it down, but it should still be profitable.

That’s when it hit me like a lightning from the sky. My grandad. Yup, my grandad once told about his cousin in Canada who loved trains, in fact, he loved them so much that he used all his spare time building miniature trains, tracks, and landscapes in his garden.

It quickly turned into a little attraction, which he wasn’t charging anything for. He just enjoyed watching people having a great experience in his garden.

The Idea

You might have guessed it by now, but if not, here it is.

Build something outside of your house, that’s going to attract a lot of eyeballs. It could be something people would like to take a picture of, and you could then charge $1 for an image.

You could set up a box, and hope people would put a dollar in it for an image. Of course, many might just take a picture and then leave. That’s just how some people are.

Maybe it could turn into an exhibition like the one above, and you could run it on the weekends, and charge a higher price.

It takes a lot of upfront work, and afterward only a little maintenance. So if you like building, what are you waiting for? Grab that hammer!

Thanks for reading – See you in the next one

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