The Most Profitable Side Hustles for 2022

3 profitable side hustles

Profitable side hustles can increase your monthly income significantly, and since the pandemic hit the world, a side income has become essential to us because we never know, when we’ll be out of work. Thus multiple income streams are important for basic survival.

It can be hard to identify which side hustles make money, and which are out of fashion. But in this article I’ll identify 11 side hustles, that still make you money in 2022 according to people who do them themselves.

Top 11 most profitable side hustles in 2022

  1. Freelance work
  2. Writing on Medium
  3. Rent out space in your house/apartment
  4. Rent out your driveway as a parking spot
  5. Start a blog
  6. Help people sell old stuff (profit sharing)
  7. Non-academic tutoring
  8. Unique vending machines
  9. Shop groceries for people
  10. Sharpening knives
  11. Make low-content books

1. freelance work

Being a freelancer is something I’ve done myself. I worked on the platform Upwork, and managed to earn just above $1,200 in my first month. If want to take a look at my profile you can find it here: Upwork profile

Profitable side hustles
Screenshot of my profile

I worked as a powerpoint designer, but you can work as whatever you want. There’s demand for almost any service you can imagine. Some freelance jobs are:

  • Graphic designer
  • Content or copywriter
  • Ghostwriter
  • Amazon FBA services
  • Market researcher
  • Programmer
  • Website developer
  • Music teacher
  • Video editor
  • And so on

In the first couple of days I took on jobs that paid me close to nothing just to get clients, and that’s just how it is. You may be lucky to get a well-paying client as your first customer, but it will take time.

I’ll make a more in-depth guide on how to succeed with this profitable side hustle in 2022.

2. writing on medium

This side hustle is my most successful one. I’ve been writing on Medium for about 3.5 months, and last month was my best month so far. I earned a whopping $1,800 with my two profiles on the platform.

My main profile; The Wealth Blog earned me above $1,600, and my second profile Simple Research earned me $190 in its first month.

If you like writing and if you know you can stay consistent, although you might see no results in the startup phase, then this one is for you.

3. Rent out space

If you are living in a house or an apartment with some extra space that you don’t use, then this could be turned into a profitable side hustle.

Personally I just rented out some storage space to a friend of mine. Now I’m storing his sofa in my office for $50 a month until he finds a new apartment. You can charge even more than $50 a month, so this side hustle could earn you some decent extra income each month.

Profitable side hustles
Image of the sofa I store in the apartment

4. Rent out your driveway

In crowded cities or places it can be hard to find a place to park one’s car. Thus, if you live close to such a city or place, then it would be ideal to rent out you driveway (if you own one) as a place to park.

Maybe turn it into a subscription package, which would make it possible to predict your monthly income from this side hustle.

5. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a side hustle I bet you’ve heard many times, and you might think it’s not worth it, but let me tell you one thing; it is. People think blogging has gone out of fashion and it’s impossible to make money through a blog, but that’s myth.

It has never been more right to start a blog than right now, and the money is good if you put in the work. This side hustle is one I’m working on currently (obviously), and I estimate that it will start generating some money in 3 months.

Check out SuperNicheSites’ article about his three blogs and how much he earns from them.

6. Help people sell old stuff (profit sharing)

I’ve made a whole article on how I managed to get a lot of things for free, and then resell it for profit. I think this is my personal favorite, since it only requires knocking on people’s doors and then sell the products they give you.

Especially the elder people doesn’t know how to sell their stuff online, thus helping them with doing this, and sharing the profit is genius.

If you want to read the about full side hustle check out this article.

7. Non-academic tutoring

When seeing articles containing β€œtutoring” as a side hustle I often think:

β€œboring, I could think of that myself”

However, I’ll like to talk about something people rarely think about β†’ Tutoring for skills in non-academic subjects.

  • Housework – help people doing house work (I would be a customer, I can’t do anything with my hands, not even hang up a picture β€” or that’s not true, if you give the clay that can attach the picture to a hard wall, I might be able to do it)
  • Video Games β€” I know a few people who teaches counterstrike to young people. This is a fund way to generate some additional money while having fun.
  • Car work β€” Teach me the basics of how to fix minor problems on my car, and I’ll pay you. And if a person like me would pay you, I bet a lot of other people will pay for this service as well.
  • Play an instrument β€” If you know how to play an instrument, why not try to teach others
  • Sports β€” I’m going to pay for learning tennis next month, so there’s definitely a market for teaching sports

8. Unique vending machines

Maybe you’ve heard how profitable a vending machine business is, and if not then take a look at this vending machine hustler. The founder of the business, Marcus Gram, also made a YouTube video together with CNBC make it, and it’s just awesome how he was able to to find this trend and profit from it big time.

I don’t know what Marcus’ next big move is, but I would think that ice cream or just ice in general would be a nice move or something you could try out yourself.

Buy some vending machines, fill them with ice cream or ice and put them in locations such as beaches of warm places, where these products would do great. Maybe one needs some ice for a bottle of water or soda, and then it would be nice to receive it from a nearby vending machine.

9. Shop groceries for people

In these times nowadays people are busy, and shopping groceries are just are time swallower for a lot of people.

Others have troubles with getting out of their houses due to medical conditions or similar. Thus starting a minor side hustle in your local area where you do the grocery shopping for people, could turn into a profitable side hustle.

Try seeing if you could turn it into a subscription package, where you deliver groceries once or twice a week to one to three houses for a fixed price every month.

10. Sharpening knives

Matt Rowell saw a demand for sharpening knives, and now he runs AmericanEdgeSharpening.com. This is a side hustle that earns him $250 to $500 a month. See the full article about Matt Rowell here.

This is also a side hustle you could consider starting to profit a bit from sharpening knives.

11. Make low-content books

Low-content books are books that you don’t have to write, and you can make them in a day. For instance a guest book (that’s just blank pages and a beautiful designed cover page).

And there’s a lot of other ideas for low-content books, which you can read about here.

When you’ve made your books you should just promote them and then sell them. I’ve done a fitness journal on Amazon myself, so it’s definitely possible.

Final thoughts

Nobody says you cannot do more than one side hustle, but focusing on one would be my recommendation. And my favorite would still be writing on Medium if you look for money in the short term. For the longer term, I would consider doing a blog like this one.

Read bout more side hustles here

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