What To Know About Digital Marketing 2022

Digital marketing

It doesn’t matter what business you are and what industry you operate in, you need customers and profit on the bottom line. It’s no secret that most businesses strive toward growing their customer base, and in the digital era, great online strategies are necessary to have new customers in the pipeline.

Nowadays people are bombarded with information, fake news, and advertisements constantly. In addition, they have access to whatever information they need. To stand out as a business in this informational world you must grab one of the best weapons out there – digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing has become a buzzword in the space of online businesses, although not everybody knows exactly what it is. In general, digital marketing refers to the creation of content through online platforms such as websites, landing pages, social media, email, apps, and so on. It also covers the strategies to promote that content, which can include SEO, SEM, PPC advertising, social media, email, and more.

Why is digital marketing important?

If a business cannot target its audience properly, that business has serious troubles. Digital marketing helps content marketing creators to define goals, target an audience, and develop the right marketing plan that reaches the audience in the most optimal way.

With the increasing presence of businesses online and soaring online marketing, a business without digital marketing capabilities simply cannot compete. It’s like going to war with a plastic sword and your opponent is the special forces – you’ve lost before even entering the battlefield.

Do you want to compete, and do you want to stand a chance against your opponents, then digital marketing is a “must-know”.

Types of digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing is not only about content creation on online platforms but promoting that content as well. To do so, many types of digital marketing strategies exist.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

β€œSEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s simply the art of ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to make your content visible to people. The better visibility you have the more people will view your site, which can lead to customers.

The reason it works is that programmed bots constantly look through sites and gather information to see which pages are most relevant to a given keyword. The bots or the algorithm is complex and consists of hundreds of factors to determine where a specific webpage should be ranked.

Benefits of using SEO

In the fight for attention on the World Wide Web, many businesses choose to pay for ads to rank higher, while others just use SEO, which can be much more powerful if done correctly.

SEO is free, the only thing you have to pay for is your time because it can be a time-consuming task to rank high on search engines. More benefits are:

  • Increases the organic discovery of your page and drives quality traffic to it
  • 24/7 promotion
  • Increases credibility
  • SEO offers a great return on investments
  • Optimizes the user experience and the relevancy of your page

And many other things.

If those benefits are some you would like to receive in your articles, then read this article

Email marketing

Remember when emails became a thing? No me neither, I’m too young for that. It just emphasizes that emails are one of the oldest digital communication forms. However, it’s still one of the best digital marketing strategies to use to this day.

No doubt there are a lot of other communication channels on the World Wide Web such as live chat and social media, but with 4.26 billion email users, this is the golden marketing channel.

Not only that, but email marketing also has a return on investment (ROI) of $36 per dollar spent, meaning not digging into email marketing is like pouring money down the drain.

Video marketing

The launch of Youtube in 2005 created the foundation for video marketing, it was where it all began. It’s a powerful marketing channel, especially now when people use more and more time watching online videos.

Not only that, but 87% of marketers also reported that they experience a great ROI with video.

Souce: State of Video Marketing 2022

Video is a perfect way to create brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase conversions. The key to video marketing success is to get your videos shared by people in order to get more eyes on your content.

Digital marketing trends

The digital marketing landscape is shaped by many elements, but currently, we experience more and more of the following trends.


The discipline of keeping people’s attention is getting harder than ever before – we seem to only scan content, find what we are looking for, and then leave. It makes perfect sense, why should we use more of our valuable time on a video if we got, what we came for, right?

That’s why one of the marketing trends currently is “shorts”. Small videos that get straight to the point. And according to statistics from Thunderclap, the user engagement rate is also 22% higher compared to a regular video.

Ai content writing

Content writing can be a tedious and time-consuming task, and content marketers spend on average 82% of their work week (33 hours) writing content. Thus, it’s no surprise that many want to reduce the time spent on content writing in order to take care of more essential tasks.

That’s why we see a rise in marketers using AI tools to generate both outlines and content like Jasper.ai. Tools like this can spit out content twice as fast as their human counterparts, however, it’s not always perfect, which is why you’d still need to double-check everything yourself.

Digital marketing ideas you can implement today

Now you know what digital marketing is, the strategies, and the current trends – but what can you do today?

Start a YouTube channel

It’s such a basic thing to do, but too few are actually taking advantage of YouTube and its potential for businesses. It’s a great platform to showcase one’s products or services and provide information.

The key here is to provide value while maintaining a high posting frequency. Everybody can start one, and it can be done with no more than a phone. However, I would recommend investing in some quality gear and maybe finding a professional editor, when the time is right.

On YouTube, you can also take advantage of the above-mentioned trend, shorts. A great way to execute it properly would be by doing the following:

  • Make a long, aesthetic, and valuable video
  • Take out the key points from that video
  • Make the key points into a 1-minute video
  • In the end, you say “if you want more information, we have a longer video here…”

Write a blog

Almost everybody has a blog by now, but is that same as saying you shouldn’t start one? Certainly not. The truth is most companies or people owning blogs suck at writing and creating content. If you take it seriously, post frequently, add value, solve problems, and stay consistent, you’ll eventually get there.

If you don’t know it already, then let me tell you that by just showing up and posting, you’re already ahead of 80% of your competition. Just show up, and start today.

Your blog can also be used as a sales funnel for digital or even physical products. It can generate income from ads and affiliates. In fact, it can almost earn you money in every way you can imagine.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the future of digital marketing will continue to evolve with the increasing use of mobile apps, social media platforms, and other technologies. But these changes are also driving new trends, which means we’ll see even more innovations over the next decade. Start taking part in the digital marketing era, or you’ll lack behind.

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